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Tattoos For Girls And Why We Won’t Touch Them

Tattoos for Girls and Why We Won’t Touch Them

Time was that the only people sporting a tattoo were sailors, pirates and army personnel. We examine why choosing ‘arty’ tattoos for girls could be a wrong choice.

Going back only a few years, one of the attractions at any fairground would be the ‘Tattoo’d Lady’ sideshow, where you could pay your bucks and go in to ogle this lady covered in tattoos. Personally, I’ve never been an advocate of freakshows, so I never went in.

Now we have this weird demand from otherwise quite nice looking women who deem it necessary to cover themselves in tattoos – either to ‘make a statement’, to ‘look different’ or to make themselves ‘highly desirable’ – though out of that lot, I suppose that ‘look different’ might apply.

Going on past, present and future experience, it is quite plain and obvious to see that even a minimal amount of paying clients would tolerate shagging an art gallery, someone with a knock-off’s name emblazoned on their tits, or someone with leopard skin legs no matter how far those legs reach up to their tattooed arses.

With this in mind, we at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are now telling any future applicants that any facial blurring would be fine – but we will not even consider re-touching tattoos. In fact anyone with a tattoo would have to look pretty damn spectacular for us to even consider her.

We have no problems with girls with tattoos – I’m sure that they will find a place in their lives somewhere. But please think twice about applying to join an escort agency as many won’t even consider you.

tattoos for girls and why we won't touch them


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