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The Suggestions Page

Is there a feature that you’re missing on this website?

Time for your voice to be heard!

If you have any suggestions on new features, blog post content, or even some new tottie that you’d like to see 🙂 ‘leave a reply’ in our suggestion box below.

If one of your ideas is chosen, we will give you full credit in the post or item.

Just a couple of things:

  1. MAKE SURE you tick the ‘I’m not a spammer’ box AS WELL AS the Google Recaptcha (that should keep out the spammers from Ukrania)
  2. Just in case there ARE spammers trying to sell shoes and sunglasses, all ideas need to be moderated

Other than that, you can become a star with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!


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  1. Hello i’ve been looking to join you for a while now but how do i get photos over as I cant get the joining form to work?

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for dropping by.
      Yeah, I think we got just the thing for you – keep an eye on the Music Box either tonight or tomorrow.

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