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A Good Reason To Use An Image Search

A Good Reason to use an Image Search

A Good Reason to use an Image Search

We’ve been saying it all along that you should watch out for fakes using an image search, and this application is a prime example of that.

There are a few ‘extras’ needed for all Midlands Maidens applications coming through to our email address though, and we think that we’ve got it down to a fine art when weeding out the wannabees from the purveyors of utter crap.

Read on and see if you agree!

So remember – ensure you use either Google Image Search or Tineye to preform an image search on ANY likely girl you wanted to book before even phoning the agency, as many agencies like to fudge the figures a little and are not as strict to get past as Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!


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