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How To Save A Photo

How to Save a Photo

It was pointed out to us earlier this week, that girls applying to join Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts might be having problems in getting their photos over to us when using a mobile phone.

When it comes to an IPhone, we wouldn’t have a clue – probably due to the fact that taking ten photos on an IPhone would require at least two charges as the battery would have died. The method of sending though is probably not too dissimilar from the following Android method.

When it comes to an Android phone however, we can indeed help out here – and it can be quite a complex procedure. Here then is the official Midlands Maidens way to send application photos over using an Android phone.

First off, you need to take your photos. Whether you already have your photos already taken, or if you wanted to take a couple of new ones, the first thing is to put all of your photos into their own folder.

Once you have your photos in their own folder, it’s now time to open up the Application Form webpage on your phone (we have inserted this as a new page link to help you out!)

When you click onto the first photo file chooser, your phone will throw up a new menu asking you to ‘Choose an Action’, which put into simple terms just means ‘where did you want to grab your photo from?’

There will be various choices available – ‘Camera’, ‘Camcorder’, etc. The one you need to choose for maximum easiness is ‘Documents’.

A new menu will appear on your phone asking where you wanted to ‘Open From’. Scroll down a little and click onto ‘Gallery’.

This will open up the gallery, complete with the new folder you just created. Click onto the new folder, and then click onto the photo you wanted to send.

Checking back on the application form page, you will now see that your photo has been added.

Click onto the second photo file chooser and follow the steps again from the ‘First Photo File Chooser’.

Repeat this up to a maximum of ten times, and we’ll look forward to receiving your photos very soon!


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