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All girls on this website accept appointments on the basis that it is for their time and companionship only – any other activities are a matter of mutual consent between two frisky adults!

At Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, each girl has a list of ‘services’ and ‘likes’ that she enjoys, right there on her page.

But what exactly do the ‘services’ and ‘likes’ terminologies on each girl’s profile page mean?

Check out our GLOSSARY page to find some nicely naughty explanations and videos!


Our Nottingham Escorts

The World’s Leading Escort Agency – in NOTTINGHAM!

One helluva claim, yes?

For the uninitiated, here’s why:

In all our ten years of operation, we have made it our policy to only work with the very best escort girls. This does NOT include girls that have failed on several other agencies, nor does it include girls that have failed as independents. Our own Nottingham Escorts at Midlands Maidens gain a progressively outstanding reputation of excellence through their exemplary and unique skills, making them the elite choice and at the height of their field when compared to all the others.

We use only ONE website (plus a reserve for maintenance) and ONE identity. There are others around that have failed miserably and need to throw up six or seven new ‘personas’ all with the same workers to try and con new clients. You’ve no doubt seen these along the way, but now with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, you have found the REAL DEAL!

Exclusive to Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts – all girls on this website DO NOT work for Midlands Maidens –  Midlands Maidens works for the girls! The girls are all self-employed professional escorts in Nottingham and the East Midlands. All prices and promotion offers are set by the girls themselves. They let the agency know on a daily basis if they are working, when the office will start to take bookings for them.

Exclusive to Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts – we have NEVER published rotas of the girls’ working schedules, and we NEVER will do! Rotas are for employees and as all girls working here are self employed, rota systems do not apply. As a general rule of thumb, the girls realise that a successful business offers customers a choice, and as such there will usually be at least two or three girls available even in the dead of night!

Unlike most other providers, Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts have never had an underlying greed and neccessity for ‘money at any cost’. We see this as extremely poor business practice both to customers and our own staff, and prefer to tempt ALL of our clients to be returning clients through our ethical ideals and pure value for money staff and services.

Don’t get us wrong – there are a few people that downright HATE us!

Those clients that crow on about paying £100 per hour for a quick shag which was a crappy waste of money with an indy or other agency HATE us – because they want a Rolls Royce for the price of a Cortina and prefer to keep throwing their money down the drain rather than admit they were wrong and do an upgrade!

Those clients that like to collect girls’ numbers HATE us – because their pretence to the girl that it will be cheaper by going direct and cutting out the middle-man DOES NOT APPLY to a girl working with Midlands Maidens!

Those clients that will insist all agencies are run by pimps run into a proverbial brick wall when faced with the system used by Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts. They then need to find a different poor justification for only being able to use quick shag artists.

The above messages outline just a few of the reasons why Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is the WORLD’S LEADING ESCORT AGENCY.

We’ve not even gone into the facts about genuine images, all inclusive prices, and quality over quantity, as those facts can be found elsewhere on the website.

Read a few of the sections below, check out a few of our insights in the Blog posts, and of course CHECK OUT THE GIRLS, and we’ll look forward to chatting to you and arranging your Midlands Maidens Experience very soon!

Your Midlands Maidens Experience!

Only Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts offers ALL of the following, FREE of charge to ensure that your appointment is one to remember, for all the right reasons. Check each section to see why a Midlands Maidens Experience is an experience like no other!

The Experience of a Lifetime!

All the girls working with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts have a proven record of excellent service, or if they are new to escorting, have demonstrated all the charm, wit and sophistication we insist upon at their interview. Unlike other providers, we don’t just take on any old rubbish straight off the street as we want all our customers to be returning clients. By choosing Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts as your service provider, you are opting into the 1%-2% of girls that will give you a great time, every time!

A Full 24 Hour Service!

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts have always run a full 24 hour service throughout our ten years of operations. We see no reason to change this!

Genuine Girls For Your Pleasure!

We have always insisted on our girls using photographs with plain backgrounds, and refused to use photo manipulation techniques for one main reason – the customer wants to see the actual girl that will be turning up! Recently we have also pioneered the use of ‘selfie’ photos taken by the girls themselves, which we are only too pleased to display to our clients!

Those persons preferring to take a chance on providers using heavily airbrushed pro model shots taken in London penthouses and actually having Mrs Quasimodo turning up should try elsewhere.

Free Complimentary call from your girl

Any concerns that clients may have are uniquely addressed by Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts in that we are the ONLY local agency that insists on your chosen girl giving you a courtesy call before confirming the appointment. This gives you the opportunity to speak to the girl whose photos you’ve just been looking at, and to confirm that her advertised ‘services’ are indeed all available – yes, we are the only agency that publishes each girl’s services on the website too! If you are happy with what you heard, then – and ONLY then, we will confirm your appointment and give you an estimated arrival time.

NO pushy sales techniques

We’re making a shrewd assumption here, that the majority of people reading this will have been offered or begged by agencies to take an alternative type of girl, with the further ‘incentive’ if needed of a tenner off ‘if you seal the deal right now.’ No matter what you are told by the receptionist on the phone, this is because they haven’t got a suitable girl for you, and want to offload any old crap so they can get their fee. At Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, we thrive on repeat business, meaning that we would rather respectfully decline than send you an unsuitable girl. Hey, if you wanted to see a petite redhead and we only had a busty brunette, we would tell you this – but the final choice is always your own!

NO cold calling

This occurs when you already turned down an agency who didn’t have what you were looking for, but they feel the need to bug you with perpetual phone calls trying to get you to change your mind. Or – it could be that they are trying to convince you that the girl is on her way, even though you already turned them down or cancelled. This last tactic is a particularly nasty form of harrassment, designed to make you feel obliged to accept a booking that you didn’t want in the first place. At Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, we respect our clients’ freedom of choice and peace of mind. The only call you will get is the complimentary one from the girl herself, and possibly one more to confirm the arrival time.

NO hidden extras

How many times have you invited your girl in and proceeded to ‘do the business’ only to be told ‘I don’t do that, it’s £30 extra?’ ‘Oh, and will you pay for my cab too?’ This is a typical scenario played out on a high percentage of bookings even if you have previously been assured that the price is all inclusive. At Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, ALL our prices have ALWAYS been ALL INCLUSIVE! If there is any extra to be added on for an ‘out of town’ appointment, you will be told before the girl even calls you, so that you are always in complete control of whether or not you wished to proceed with your appointment. 

NO bait and switch

This is a particularly underhand scam, carried out all too frequently by poor providers. You’ve asked for, and been promised an English busty blonde – and a flat-chested Romanian brunette turns up. Adding insult to injury, you asked for a girl that provides GFE, OWO and A-Levels, none of which she does (except occasionally if the extra price is right). This is under-selling at its most blatant, and we would suggest that you refuse the girl entry and complain to the provider – with no compensation whatsoever to the girl or the agency. Needless to say, Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts will NEVER bait and switch on you!


Leave a review of your booking and get £20 discount off your next appointment!

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Welcome to Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts Agency.

24 hour elite VIP escort services in Nottingham.

We firmly believe that quality far outweighs quantity, which is why you will not find huge lists of girls all claiming to be perfect 10’s on our website. This industry is renowned for ‘dodgy practices’, and we feel that any client considering investing a three-figure outlay deserves the honesty and integrity of a professional arrangement. Your appointment with one of our Nottingham Maidens goes way beyond the basics – you will get charm, personality, and a genuine eagerness and desire to accompany you – plus more importantly, you will always get the actual girl that you saw in her un-photoshopped gallery!

Client ethics

Here at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, we are committed in remaining highly ethical in our outlook to all concerned. We have always promoted an ‘all inclusive’ pricing policy for local Nottingham appointments, which informs the client exactly how much the arrangement will cost in advance of the appointment. We have never claimed to be the ‘cheapest’ escorts agency in Nottingham, but our policy of never charging for ‘extras’ will guarantee that some of those providers offering ‘theoretical prices on paper’ will actually end up costing much more.

Agency ethics

We have an equally ethical stance towards our Nottingham Escorts, in that their ‘fee’ for female escort services is absolutely minimal in comparison to any other service provider UK-wide. We know that this is an important issue for clients too, in that they would prefer to pay their fees to the girl, rather than have a huge chunk delivered to the agency. The disadvantage here though, is that a client cannot really offer a lower price to the girl if she will go over without going through the agency, as there is no lower price possible – but hey, that sorts out the clients who just wanted a cheapie under the guise of helping the girl out!

Pre-Appointment Policy

Shortly after your initial appointment enquiry, or at a convenient time of your choosing in the case of an advanced booking, the girl of your choice will give you a courtesy call, which we feel is a nice but essential first point of contact, so that services, appearance and compatibility issues can be discussed directly with the girl herself. This ensures that what you have already seen on the website regarding description and level of services is acceptable to both you and the girl concerned. We do not hold with this ‘new’ system being employed whereby a girl turns up looking nothing like her images and offering completely different services to those quoted by her receptionist, then being turned away and the girl demanding a ‘call out fee’ purely because a pre-appointment courtesy call is not offered. This wastes everyone’s time, money and embarrassment, and is a scenario that we prefer not to entertain.


We feel that we are unique in our escorts promotional offers, all of which remain at an ‘all inclusive’ price. We now have our popular ‘Discount for Review’ offer taking pride of place, where you will receive an automatic £20 discount off your subsequent appointment following a verified review left on this website, Punternet, Punterlink or Adultwork.

Accurate Imagery

We ensure that photographs stay up to date and accurate, with no photo-shopping whatsoever. We also make sure that a small list of each girl’s ‘likes’ are included in their gallery pages. This is important as clients do not want to be fooled into thinking that all girls are bi-sexual, and they all do all services. If at any time a particular service is not available from the Nottingham escorts that are working, we would rather let the client choose whether to go ahead or leave it till another time than send an inappropriate girl along.

Our promise

All sounds too good to be true? Well if it really does sound too good to be true, we sympathise with those clients that have fallen for the aforementioned ‘dodgy practices’, but there will be no such problem when calling on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts! We have had seven years of success with our policy of operating with honesty, integrity and principles, and we look forward to talking to you very soon!


Escort Companionship in Nottingham At Its Best

Midlands Maidens is one of the best escort agencies in Nottingham, providing our customers with out exclusive collection of escort girls in Nottingham, in many different categories, including busty, blonde, brunette, petite, mature and Asian.

Our regular clients all know us as the premier escorts agency in Nottingham – all due to our highly proficient Nottingham escorts, who specialise in adult dating, adult companionship, all wrapped up with an unforgettable GFE (GirlFriend Experience) and many more services as displayed on their individual profile pages. All of our escort girls are perfectly presented, stylish and fashionable, with a taste of erotic thrown in for the perfect meeting in or around Nottingham.

Our female escorts in Nottingham will wow you with your own special fantasy, carry out your favourite role-play scenario, and specialise in girlfriend experience, striptease, sensual massage, and many other services. This is truly the best adult escort service in Nottingham, and when you call on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, be prepared to experience a sense of fulfillment found nowhere else.

Midlands Maidens is the place to be if you are looking for elite escorts in Nottingham who can overwhelm you with their erotic charm. Book an escort girl in Nottingham and enjoy some dazzling moments with your very own Nottingham escort.

The Premier Comanionship Agency in Nottingham and the East Midlands

You should not miss out on visiting Nottingham with it’s many varied attractions, both historical and modern. We can boast about having the oldest pub in England, set into the limestone that supports Nottingham Castle itself, where the legendary Nottingham outlaw Robin Hood stands proud with his golden arrows. We can also boast one of the newest concert venues in the UK at Nottingham Capitol FM Arena, which regularly plays host to major concert and sporting events. You can find out more by visiting our ‘Local Areas‘ section and also by reading the brief summary of attractions in Nottingham at the bottom of this page.

Elite Model Escorts in Nottingham

Nottingham is also known for it’s compact but highly influential adult entertainment industry, and whereas we wouldn’t suggest going for the cheapest option available and getting a raw deal, spend a little more and get complete satisfaction as Midlands Maidens is able to serve you in a very special way. You can also take a look out our Blog Posts to find out a little more on how our highly specialised Nottingham Escort Agency operates to provide you with the best possible escorts service.

Our hot Nottingham escort companions are an elite group of call girls in Nottingham who will go on to satisfy the most demanding of clients and this is where we are a cut above the rest through our professional escort services in Nottingham.

We cover all of the following areas in and around Nottingham:

Annesley AnnesleyWoodhouse Arnold Aslockton Aspley Attenborough Awsworth

Bakersfield Balderton Barnstone BartonInFabis Beeston Bestwood BestwoodVillage Bilborough Bingham Bleasby Blidworth Bradmore Bramcote Brinsley Bulwell Bunny BurtonJoyce

Calverton Carlton Chilwell ChurchWarsop Clifton Clipstone Collingham Colwick Cossall Cotgrave CropwellBishop CropwellButler

EastBridgford EastLeake Eastwood Edwalton Edwinstowe

Farndon Fiskerton ForestTown

Gamston Gedling Giltbrook Gotham Gunthorpe

HolmePierrepont Hoveringham Hucknall Huthwaite

Kelham Keyworth Kimberley KingstonOnSoar Kinoulton KirkbyInAshfield

Lambley Langar Lenton LentonAbbey Linby Lowdham

Mansfield MansfieldWoodhouse Mapperley MarketWarsop Meadows

Netherfield NewBalderton NewBrinsley NewOllerton NewarkOnTrent Newstead Newthorpe Normanton NottinghamCity Nuthall

OldBasford Ollerton Oxton

Papplewick Plumtree

RadcliffeOnTrent Radford Rainworth RatcliffeOnSoar Ravenshead Redhill Rempstone Retford Ruddington

Saxondale Selston Sherwood Skegby Sneinton Southwell StantonHill StantonOnTheWolds Stapleford StokeBardolph Strelley SuttonBonnington SuttonInAshfield SuttonOnTrent

Thrumpton Tollerton Trowell

Underwood UpperBroughton

Watnall Wellow WestBridgford Whitemoor Widmerpool Wilford WilloughbyOnTheWolds Wollaton Woodborough Worksop

We’ve got most areas covered there – let us know if we missed someone out!


Nottingham – The Heart of the Midlands

In addition to Nottingham being the home of Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, the city has many more claims to fame, historical, sporting and leisure pursuits to name but a few. For anyone thinking of visiting Nottingham on a business trip or funtcion, we present our own guide to the City of Nottingham and it’s many attractions.

The earliest place we’ll start (and one of the best!) is at the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Built in AD1189, a couple of modern-day quirks contained within are ‘the fertility chair’, which is rumoured to give girls sitting on it a higher chance of getting pregnant, and ‘the ghost ship’, which imposes a horrible death on anyone unfortunate enough to clean it. These two items are openly visible in the upstairs rooms of the inn.

‘The Trip’ was supposedly used by those embarking on the Crusades, and being built into the limestone caves around the Nottingham Castle, lends itself (albeit romantically rather than factually) to many stories and tales regarding Kings and Sherriffs and outlaws, the most notorious of these being Robin Hood, who is a permanent fixture in the form of his statue outside the castle walls. Nottingham Castle itself is now a local history museum, and tours are available to view the areas not generally open to the public, and to view the caves below the castle.

Nottingham City Centre is watched over by the Council House, which is guarded by the two Nottingham Lions at the doorway. The area in front of the Council House is regularly populated with mini-funfairs, stalls, and in recent years a beach and an ice-rink!

Originally, this was the venue for the world famous Nottingham Goose Fair, which as the name implies, was a yearly trade event where thousands of geese were driven from Lincolnshire to sell to traders. Since 1927, the Nottingham Goose Fair has been held at it’s present location, the Forest Recreation Ground, around a mile up the road, and is a four day fairground event held during the first week of October.

Back in the industrial days, Nottingham was famous for coal-mining, printing and lace making. These industries have all but disappeared now, but an area just off the City Centre pays homage to one of these bygone industries. ‘The Lace Market’ area is where many of the factories were housed, and now contains many cafes and bars with a more bohemian slant than those in the more ‘well-used’ areas of the Centre.

Moving now on to sport, Nottingham has a wealth of attractions.

The oldest football club in the world, Notts County, is just a ten minute walk from the Centre. Formed in 1862, they were joined a few years later by Nottingham Forest, making Nottingham the smallest city in England to house two football clubs.

Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club is housed just the other side of Trent Bridge, and is a world famous Test Cricket venue.

Nottingham Rugby Club is located in the Beeston area, and is a twenty minute bus or tram ride from the City Centre.

Nottingham Panthers are the City’s own Ice Hockey team, and have had plenty of success, being located now in one of the City’s most prestigious locations – the Capital FM Arena.

This leads us nicely on to the next section – entertainment in Nottingham.

Nottingham has hosted many prestigious events – sporting, orchestral, rock music to name but a few.

The Capital FM Arena has taken pride of place just lately. In addition to it’s affiliation with the Nottingham Panthers, other showcase sporting events such as boxing matches and darts tournaments are common occurences. The other main showcase is that of A-class tours by singers, bands and stage shows – Elton John, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper and Evanescence being typical examples of this.

The Royal Centre is a two minute walk from the City Centre, and comprises The Royal Concert Hall, and The Theatre Royal. The Concert Hall plays host to many name bands and orchestral events, while the Theatre concentrates mainly on stage shows – though these have been known to chop and change depending on popularity.

The Splendour Festival has become a regular fixture now, and is hosted in the grounds of Wollaton Hall, west of the city. As the name suggests, this is a one-off festival held in the Summer, and has attracted names such as The Specials and Jake Bugg to appear.

Nottingham Centre has two main shopping malls.

Just to the north is the Victoria Centre, and to the south is the Broad Marsh Centre. Both of these have their own bus stations, and a wide variety of both commercial and specialised shopping is available at both venues.

We’ve just covered the tip of the iceberg that is Nottingham City Centre, and there is a wealth of other attractions that we’ve not been able to mention within this short section.

We hope that you get the chance to find a few more things out for yourself during your trip to our fine city!

**The preceeding content and links therin have no affiliation whatsoever with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, and are not connected in any way with escorts or the escorting industry.



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Interview Etiquette

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